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    Samba as PDC-- i'm stuck!!!

    Hi all, please forgive me but i am very new to Linux. I am hoping that my problem is the result of myself doing something wrong that one of the Samba pros here can identify right away. Here's where i am at:

    I am trying to set up Samba as a primary domain controller on debian linux. I have Debian installed, and i have Samba config'd already. I am able to access SWAT, which is a big help to a Linux newbie like me, lol.

    Now, i have tried to follow the necessary steps in adding the info to the smb.conf file in order to get the PDC working. However, i am stumped about all this stuff about adding users and having another root user in smbpasswd, and groups etc etc. I am likely screwing up here because obviously when i try to connect from a XP Pro machine and try to join my domain using root, it tells me can't find user.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for what i have to do to get all this user stuff figured out?


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    I'm having the same problem, but I'm not using SWAT and I succeeded to bring up the domain, but the domain refuses me with invalid username or access denied. I might be experiencing a bug... Did you solve your problem?

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    Hi guys

    I'm using FDS for my authentication on my Linux network and Windows domain, but the process at Samba level is pretty similar.

    I think you have to make sure you've got a 'machinename$' entry in /etc/password for each computer. For each user, you have to make sure you've run 'smbpasswd -a <username>' to set their windows password, the users also need an account on Linux, and if the usernames dont match there is a map file, on my system it's /etc/samba/smbusers, but it may be different depending on your distro.

    There are tools out there to automate this from a windows PC. I set mine up following the instructions in the docs on the samba website.
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