Hi I encountered a probelm today with Apache 2.0 server, thats is running correctly. The thing was, I had to place in a web page. So I put in a apache <directory> in what folder my web is & it started 2 run, but received not exactly what I axpexted the web .php files in all subdirs work correctly & the images of depth level 2 loads up also, but the images of depth 4 and the .css in level 3 don't come up. I tried 2 do view source & everything seemes correctly there. Plus on another servers everything worked fine. I'm bit embarassed becouse I thought it will take me 20 minutes, but it took me hour & no result so I had 2 run 2 work any ideas what could cause the problem? Linux(no idea what core) or Apache 2.0? any similar problems. btw I receive error 500, so it comes up with no help :/