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Thread: Qmail Question?

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    Exclamation Qmail Question?

    Can anyone give me tips on how to configure Qmail to send the QUEUED messages faster? without discarding the message.

    Changing the quedlifetime into a lower value would only result to discarded message which i do not want to happen.

    Current Qmail Configuration:
    concurrencylocal - 10
    concurrencyremote - 255
    databytes - 0
    doublebouncehost - me
    doublebounceto - postmaster
    qmapservers - none
    queuelifetime - 604800 (7 days)
    timeoutconnect - 60
    timeoutremote - 1200
    timeoutsmtpd - 1200

    AND, If anyone can give me tips on the right configuration to handle 20,000 emails per day I would highly appreciate it, thanks.

    By the way we are not spammers, we are sending 20,000 email messages per day to our subscribed clients in 5 of our website we are managing.

    We are using postfix but we are currently implementing to send emails through Qmail, but when we tried to send 800 messages it took 1hour and 45minutes to finish all the sending.

    Unlike postfix it took only 45minutes. Qmail sending is not configured to pass to any anti virus scanning so the messages should be directly sent.

    Please give some tips on how to configure Qmail to send the messages faster, Thanks.

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    I apologize for reposting the same question.
    Admin kindly delete this thread, Thanks.

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