So, I am still relatively new to the whole Linux thing, (well, I have played with it from time to time, but now I am actually trying to achieve something.) What I am trying to achieve seems like a very simple task:
-Get a CGI Script working.

But alas! I have hit a brick wall, a 500 error is taunting me!

I wrote a simple script in vim (the classic "Hello World") and perl and apache are both installed and working. (So it's not a line feed error or Apache/Perl error.

The permission settings are fine. (chmod 755 helloworld.cgi ) And permissions are set correctly to the directories as well.

I have changed the httpd.conf file to include the ExecCGI and all those options I believe are correct, but I am assuming this is the most likely place of error.

I am tempted to post my config file (well sections of it) for review.. But, (now here is the actual question...)

Is there anything simple I may have missed?

Thank you in advance,
Matt Jones.