Hello Everyone... im a total newbie for linux

I installed Fedora Core 2 as some of my big brothers told me Fedora Core 2 is best for configuring servers

i was looking for a good and easy tutorial for configuring My box as a complete web server

like if i have dynamic ip... what do i have do to for updating my dns ... and other thing is that i want everything open source and free don't wanna get into commercial things

soo if any person is willing to help me up .. would be glad enough and thank him from my heart

Sir/Mam... first i wanna try IP based hosting to see what things are upto in it .... then for example

i have registered this domain www.thisismywebsite.com ... what do i have to do to point it to DNS servers and where if not configure a DNS server and use 3rd party dns services ...

i) do i have to change dns servers in my domain control panel?

ii) if everything goes right will my website parameters would be correct? like if im having webpages like this in /var/www/website/html/page.php

will that appear in url like this www.website.com/page.php ???

Please help me up as i want to configure the server as soon as possible

Thanks and Oblige

waiting for prompt reply