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    Which mail server / client combo?


    I'm managing the IT side of things for my company. We currently run a rather old version of MS Exchange, using Outlook as clients. For a bunch of reasons I'm looking at converting to a linux server setup but I must admit I'm a bit stumped as to which way to go.

    Currently we've got around 30 mail boxes varying in size from 100Meg to 1.6Gig. We also have a global Address List of around 600 addresses which we rely on very heavily. We use some basic calendaring functions, but not really extensivly (allthough it would be great to expand on this)

    I'm extremly keen for managment of address lists to be very accessible as that's generally done by admin folk rather than IT support. I'm also very interested in products that have MySQL support as we make a lot of use of MySQL for our contatc database.

    In terms of client - I'm happy to lose Outlook, but if we can keep it it does make the transition a tad simpler..... whatever's going to work out best really.

    That more or less sums it up. I'm really interested in any thoughts anyone has on LInux based mail servers with relation to what I've mentioned. Or better yet, if there's some articles anyone knows of comparing / discussing mail servers, I'd love to have the link.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.


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    Not too sure what you are asking? Do you want a mail server or are you more interested in global contact lists?

    I use sendmail on Centos(red hat enterprise).I have about 75 mail boxes and it runs squirrelmail and you can use outlook or any pop 3/imap clients to access your mail.

    You can use outlook or whatever client to save your contact list if you like. If you want it on the network I suppose you can add an LDAP server although I don't know much about LDAP so someone else would have to take over from there.

    Also there is an opensource calendar project too. I think it is called openexchange, but I am not sure I haven't had a need for it. My employees and customers don't care about that either.
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