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    Foriegn country IP's

    Ok I have a few local forums that I am serving. I have no need for anything out of the country. I am having a hell of a time with spamassassin on my centos server running sendmail.

    My Blacklist works great but the damn spammers only fake address once so that as I catch a spammer using the same address more than once I can't catch the first time users. Most of my spam comes from a different country. Does anybody know where I can get like lists of blocks of IP's that foreign countries use so I can block them while I figure out spamassassin?

    I hope this makes sense to the right people.

    I am getting barraged lately and it sucks.

    Spam sucks crap!!
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    Country to IP database>
    There are heaps on the net- try google.

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    One answer would be
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