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Thread: web query..

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    Angry web query..

    I am currently having a problem n need a work around. MY website is php based and in the site have a page where users fill in a form. The form data is sent by mail to our corporate sector.. now just to do ths i have installed postfix on ths server.. and due to this i am havin alot of badmails relaying thru it spam, I want to block these mails.. Now the form page works in the manner that one mail goes to the corporate section and another to the specific users email address that he specifies ( user address can be of any yahoo etc. ) can someone temme how to either fix ths sercurity issue or a work around it... tat can just allow the form to send a mail to my official mail server...

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    I am a sendmail user so I don't know much about postfix, but there should be a config somewhere that you can only allow mail from one IP address.

    In sendmail it is /etc/mail/access.
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