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    problem with sendmail configuration, please!


    It's my first postmail in this forum, I hope you will help me.
    I've got a Redhat 9 Linux server.

    I have installed Sendmail, as better as I can. I'm novice. The smtp is smtp.cacahouete.
    The hostname is entreprise.localdomain. I want to send an email from @entreprise.localdomain to the addresse @cacahouete, but it doesn't work.

    this is the error
    Deferred: 450 : Sender address rejected: Domain not found

    I see that with webmin:

    <destinataire@cacahouete 220
    >>> EHLO entreprise.localdomain
    250-SIZE 10485760
    250 8BITMIME
    >>> MAIL From:<apache@entreprise.localdomain> SIZE=580
    250 Ok
    >>> RCPT To:<destinataire@cacahouete>
    >>> DATA
    450 <apache@entreprise.localdomain>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found
    <destinataire@cacahouete>... Deferred: 450 <apache@entreprise.localdomain>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found
    554 Error: no valid recipients
    >>> RSET

    If I send an email from the server with the address @cacahouete to @cacahouete, it works.
    If I send an email with the address @entreprise.localdomain to any address (except @cacahouete) it works.

    Otherwise I haven't an Domain name I type domainame in the console

    If someone can says me where is the problem, he will be my gourou. Thank you.

    Sorry I'm french so it's very hard to speak english very well.

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    It looks like the receiving mailserver on smtp.cacahouete only accepts email from domains it can resolve.

    2 possible options:

    instead of using the servername: entreprise.localdomain why not change it to enterprise
    Create a DNS entry for enterprise.cacahouete
    That way the your SMTP server thinks it receives email from a server in the domain it is serving... in this case : cacahouete
    The server will then allow email relaying.

    Use webmin to edit the sendmail configuration to allow entreprise.localdomain to deliver mail.
    Or to mask that name.
    (I think that webmin also comes with a language pack, incl french.)

    and this link for supported languages:

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    Thanks - We're a little bit further on now, but still stuck:

    - We don't have admin access to the dns server on our internal LAN, so we've set the hostname of it to entreprise.cacahouete using hostname -f.

    - This now works fine for all addresses except those with the same domain 'cacahouete'. For example, if we send the following:

    To: distantuser@cacahouete
    From: localuser@cacahouete
    Subject: test Sendmail using
    cat email.test | /usr/lib/sendmail -bm -t -v
    ...then the From: address is expanded to localuser@entreprise.cacahouete. Then, checking our local Sendmail queue using webmin, and flushing it manually after it fails, we again see the following from the Internet-side cacahouete mail server:

    >>> MAIL From:<localuser@entreprise.cacahouete> SIZE=580
    250 Ok
    >>> RCPT To:<distantuser@cacahouete>
    >>> DATA
    450 <localuser@entreprise.cacahouete>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found
    <distantuser@cacahouete>... Deferred: 450 <localuser@entreprise.cacahouete>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found
    554 Error: no valid recipients
    >>> RSET

    But if we send to any address outside the cacahouete domain, it works. So as far as we can see, when we send to an address that shares the same domain-name as the one we're using internally, the hostname isn't stripped off when the mail is forwarded out. And the remote mail server can't resolve this more specific domainname...which makes sense.

    So what we can't work out is how to make Sendmail here strip off the hostname before it forwards it out...whatever the domainname of the address the mail is addressed to.

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