I am quite a linux noobie, so please bear with me.

I have recently set up a linux server running Trustix 3.0.5, which I would like to host music, films & other files. I have services including Samba, CP+ etc. running, so admin should be a doddle.

As mention in the title, I am doing this sort of "cross network" if thats the correct term.

I am using two routers as they only have 4 ports per router (may seem odd but they were both free)

A physical network map looks like this

----------------------------------------|-----> Linux Server
----------------------------|-----> Netgear Router
--->DSLModem---> Belkin Router ----> XP Machine
----------------------------|-----> Other PC
----------------------------|-----> Other PC

I hope that makes sense. All machines are wired (this seems difficult enough, without the wireless headache!)

The Belkin router GW is, the Netgear router GW is

I have disabled the firewall on the netgear router, put the linux machine on the DMZ list, opened all applicable ports on the port forwarding list (137-139 & 445).

I have set up samba correctly AFAIK, but still it will not show up in the windows network places.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,