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    Unhappy Sendmail IP Rewriting All mail not sent from server rejected

    I am a newbie to sendmail. This is the first attempt at a sendmail server. I have everything setup fine to access the server but when I try to sendmail from a IP address other than that of the server(ie. I get a returned mail error with address look-up failed. Of course it failed bc there is no MX record for the originating IP, but there is for the sendmail server. So how do I handle this issue when accessing the mail server remotely? Is there a way to rewrite the IP to the server's, or is there a better way to go about this. I have webmin, so if you know of a way to handle it through that let me know. Thx so much.

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    I think maybe the above isn't clear. I am trying to setup my own email server using sendmail and dovecot. I have everything setup and working, except when I try to send an email from a remote system using a valid user name and password for the MTA(sendmail). I can recieve mail fine, but when I send it the targeted server(such as rejects the mail bc it appears to be coming from the remote computer's IP address. How can I fix this? I get an error 550 everytime. If I send it directly from the server I am ok bc there is an MX record on my DNS servers for that address.

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    OK well it is not broken what you are telling me is that relay is not on that is good. Here is what you need to do

    In /etc/mail
    you should have a file called access

    Edit this file like this (or whatever theip is that is remote)<tab><tab> relay
    so it will look like this RELAY

    This also works with domains so if you have a domain you can do this too RELAY

    then once you have edited the file type
    then restart sendmail
    /etc/init.d/sendmail restart

    you should be good to go
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