hey all
i just started working with samba, i'm using slackware 9.1, i'm readin a book about samba and it says somthing about a default service that is used when a user makes an unccecssefull login to a share, but from what i understand it is made so that if u don't get a successful login to a share it will automatecly creat a share for you with the name of the share that u specified, i just need to know if i got it right or not caus when i trye it and try to login to a share let's say "abcd" and that share dosn't existe, it dosn't work i don't login but after that if i login normaly to samba from a client i get to see a share with the name abcd and if i double click on it it says "access is denied"
i hope i explained that correctly
thanks for any advise