Hello to all,
we are a group of students and we try to configure FTP Server on LINUX
on IPv6 Network.
we are using WindowsXP OS and GETIT4.0 software for logging in to the FTP
server. Configuring The Server seems at first simple, we Entered the vsftpd.conf file, and we put the line listen=yes on remark, and we wrote instead listen_ipv6=YES, we initialize the vsftpd service, and we though that it would work. On the XP side - on the "servers" file - we add the name of the FTP server with it IPv6 address, we ping6 it and we got reply.
we tried to FTP through the command line but there was an error so we tried to watch the packets with "WireShark" - and we found that the computer send "syn" and the response from the server is RESET Connection.
is Anyone have an idea how can we continue from here or what can be the problem ?
10x !