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Thread: SSH Proxy + DNS

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    SSH Proxy + DNS

    I have configued OpenSSH on my Fedora Core 6 box to work as needed. Everything runs fine.
    Though, i want to use it to tunnel through a firewall and use the ssh server as a form of web proxy.
    Since the computer i am using to ssh from is windows, im using PuTTY Portable and Firefox Portable. I have configured PuTTY to setup a tunnel on port 5678 so all traffic goes down the SSH tunnel. I then set the proxy settings and the dns settings so it uses this port as the proxy.
    This works, i can access the Fedora box's webserver by typing localhost. I can access my routers config also by typing it's IP address, which is in the 192.168 range, meaning the only way to access it in this way is locally.

    However, the problem is i can't seem to resolve internet domain names. Going to does nothing, going to google's IP address though gives me a working page. I can access google through lynx in PuTTY by typing the domain name(or locally running firefox), but not in the tunneled firefox.
    Does anyone know why it cannot resolve domains?

    edit: just found UseDNS in the sshd config, will this fix it?
    Or AllowTCPForwarding?
    Or PermitTunnel?

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    Has this never happened to someone before?
    Has no one ever used ssh as a proxy?
    Is there a reason or tests i can do to find out why it isnt working?

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