I've been having a problem where maildrop won't send the autoresponder that I'm specifying. Here is the bit of a script that I've written in my maildroprc file:

if (/^Delivered-To: test@address.com/ && /^To: *.*test@address.com.*/)
  cc "| mailbot -t $HOME/autoresponse \
         -d $HOME/autoresponsedb -A 'From: test@address.com' \
         -s 'AUTO RESPONSE - Out of the office.' -D 1 \
         /usr/local/sbin/sendmail -f ''"
I've even added
 cc "!myemail@address.com"
inside the above IF statement, and that works, so I know it's a problem with the mailbot command. I've also verified all of the locations of files and the permissions on the files. I went as far as 777 on the autoresponse file

I'd appreciate any feedback.