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    local users on network get a relaying denied message

    A user, on the same network and ip as the mail server, tried to send a message to and, However, they received a message back that relaying is denied.

    I have again checked everything out but cant figure out what i have done wrong. Any Ideas?


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    Some info about your setup might help

    Might I suggest you supply some more info?
    • Which linux distribution?

      Which Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)? Sendmail, postfix, qmail, and exim are some of the possible ones.

      Can you post the config file for your MTA? At least the section on relaying permissions.

      Modern distributions usually default to not allowing relaying as a spam prevention measure. Did you attempt to configure the relaying?

      What is your ISP's policy on SMTP traffic? I must send all of my traffic to my ISP's SMTP server and it then handles it.

    Now after making all those requests I must admit that I have not setup an MTA to relay for a LAN, but I am sure that some people in the forum have. I have configured postfix for a single workstation. However, if I was setting it up and I was asking a question I would have supplied the info above when I asked the question.

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    sorry i forgot to include this, its redhat linux 9 running sendmail

    and i am not at the system now, but i will try and get the config pasted here tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help

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    the isp also allows smtp traffic. the ds-1 is through bellsouth

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