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    Permissions problem on web server

    I'm running Apache and proftpd on the Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn Server distro. I've got my DocumentRoot in Apache and my FTP server root set to /etc/apache2/htdocs. I created this folder, but, when I log into the FTP, I can't transfer files due to a permissions problem. I tried chmod a=rw /etc/apache2/htdocs to set the permissions. Once I do this, I can no longer login to the FTP server. It says my password is incorrect. I created the folder and set the permissions while logged in as root. I have a feeling I'm just missing a step. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    probably be several here say it is not a good idea to allow root to be able to ftp in and so forth. Besides being a security risk, it could also be some of the trouble. Some services are practically denied to root to keep the server from certain risks.

    I am not certain on your paths also. I use Suse and allow it to set up a good deal of the paths for me through YaST. I make a partition on build-up just for www/ftp using /srv. Suse/Apache likes to put the files htdocs and cgibin in /srv/www/ and also ftp in /srv/ftp.

    You may not be able to get full permissions to /etc.
    I make a user for web and ftp then set it's home to /srv so it is chroot jailed there.

    I am not positive it would stop you but root may not be able to own any of those folders at all.

    I hope it helps some.


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