I can run ddclient from the command line, and it works -- I know this as I check the registered IP at dyndns.org and it matches -- but I can't get it to run as a service
sabayonx86-64 ~ # /etc/init.d/ddclient --verbose start
 * Service ddclient starting 
 *   Starting DDClient ...                                      [ !! ]
 * ERROR:  ddclient failed to start
Probably the most entirely useless error message I've ever seen. "ddclient failed to start" is the only thing that is mentioned in /var/log/messages, so no help there.

I can run it as a daemon with "ddclient -daemon 120", but I'd like to add it as a service to my default runlevel -- otherwise I'll forget about it next time I reboot!

Can anyone give me any advice with this? It would be a little annoying to lose remote access to my machine when my ISP decides to change my IP address.