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    Debian capabilities...

    I recently received some advice to use debian on my soon-to-be server. I want to try a rather specialized approach, and I'm wondering if it will be possible. What I would like to do is run almost two isolated instances of debian, one handling all external internet work(including firewalling, caching, and web serving) and a second handling all intranet work(file serving, possibly settings profiles). My main concern is security - I am planning on installing another ethernet card, so first I would route the dsl connection to my server, then back down to the wireless router, and then back to the intranet portion of my server. Can I do this, or do I need 2 servers, or should I just use all under debian and not worry about 2 isolated sections (or should I not use debian)?

    amd 64 xp 3800+
    1gb ram
    2 x 250gb, 1 x 20gb hd
    ga-m55sli (gigabyte)

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    Well, you COULD run a couple instances of Debian within two virtual machines. Or you COULD run the relevant programs caged within two independent chroot prisons. But either way, you have extra security complications and administration headaches galore.

    For best security and more straightforward administation, you'd do better to have two different boxes.

    Honestly, the best mix for security is probably for the "external" box to be the router/firewall and nothing else.
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