I am interested in acquiring a "green", high performance, fanless computer utilizing solid state / industrial grade ide flash disk:

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or perhaps 2 or more 2GB variants of the above used with the built in raid controller on many of the AMD Opteron 2000 or 8000 compatible motherboards.

Would such a motherboard and processor combination work with any mCubed fanless heatsink cases and power supplies?

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As the sustainability committee student congress member at my community college I have been advocating energy efficient, solid state, RoHS compliant, fanless, open source solutions for expanding computing resources on campus.

Recently I was able to get approval to purchase one server and one thin client for a total maximum of $3,000 USD. For several months I have been advocating for a change in the paradigm of computing resources.

The objective is to create a technology demonstration pilot project at my community college to show how we can reduce heat output, energy and space requirements, noise, toxins from manufacturing (larger computers),

I like the client-server cluster idea, wherein there would be 1 high-end server and several lower end clients all connected as a cluster so that system-wide resources could be allocated dynamically as needed.

Any suggestions here - cluster / grid software for linux seem so complicated but I could probably get help from the Hawaii open source education foundation and the University of Hawaii tech folks.

Based on what I have read it seems that the Opteron gives the most performance per watt as well as a good bit of room to upgrade with the forthcoming 4 core drop-in replacements, direct connect and hyper transport technologies.

I may be wrong on some of what I have said, so please feel free to correct me as necessary.

The main objectives are good value, expandability and all of the aforementioned sustainability factors are a must-have.

What might you recommend to accomplish my objectives within 3k? Initially I'll use second hand monitor(s), keyboard(s) and mice or borrow as necessary and request further money from the student congress board once I can show the project to be a success.

I thank you for your time and attention.