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    procmail: cant find .forward and.procmailrc files

    I installed procmail using adept manager, but I am unable to see the .procamilrc and .forward files. They do not exist in my home directory. I am using Kubuntu distro.. please help

    thanks in advance

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    I dont understand how procmail works. I am using postfix-courierImap-squirrelmail and it is a working server. I want to filter all incoming mail through procmail, where I will pipe it through several programs. The link between procmail and postfix is in mailbox_command in the postfix's file, correct? Now, according to all the tutorials, it says that as soon as this command is written in and postfix's config is reloaded, there must be a ~/.procmailrc file where i can configure procmail..

    THERE WAS NO SUCH FILE in my home directory. So, are we supposed to create our own file? and if we do, do we have to run a special command to load this config onto procmail?? Please help..

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