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    Help getting started on basic stuff...

    I'm new to the forums, and fairly new to Linux altogether.

    I'm in a gaming clan and we're working on a new set of forums and since I did the last ones on a Windows based server, I was nominated to do the new ones. I always wanted to learn to work with Linux, so I decided to go with the worst case scenario and learn as I go.

    So far, I'm picking up information here and there, but I still got a couple gaps in information before I can fully understand exactly what I'm doing.

    I picked up a webhost and a domain yesterday on a Linux based server. The pre-installed scripts that I'm use to on Windows based installations were not there. No phpbb self installing script, no MySQL database in the control console, nothing.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far from what I've gathered I need to A: Install Perl to access a CGI terminal service script to execute commands for installing RPMs, B: use the CGI terminal to install MySQL, and C: Upload my SMF forums and tie them to the new MySQL databases. I could be completely wrong, so please correct me if any or all of this info is wrong or if there's an easier way to do it. Like I said, I just started learning without the pre-made scripts yesterday.

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    Those scripts aren't to do with the server - It depends what the hose has installed. If you don't have mysql in your control panel, chances are you don't have mysql at all. Are you sure you bought it with your host?

    Unless you're paying for a dedicated server or something, there's little hope of you being able to install your own software. Using perl or php or something probably won't work - hosts usually disable any functions which could let you run your own executables.

    Using a linux server for a web host isn't very different from using a windows one. Users upload their site using html, it gets run by php or perl or something, and uses a database. It's the same from the user's point of view.

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    Ahh, I see now. Thanks for the info, this makes a lot more sense now.

    I went for the cheap package that didn't come with MySQL or any other database for that matter. I was thinking that I could use SSH or some other form of terminal type thing to run commands (due to my linux noobiness), but I guess that's only available if you have SU on the server itself which isn't really an option unless you physically own the server.

    I upgraded the package to include MySQL, which made things a hell of a lot easier. I had my SMF forums up and running within minutes after that.

    I guess this is a good lesson for anyone trying to go the super cheap route like i did with a host like IX Hosting, pay close attention to the fine print on your package and make sure the admin console supports MySQL unless you're just using it for file storage or simple HTML pages.

    cPanel on my old host made me lazy where I didn't have to learn these things.

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