I am a linux newb but I am getting the grasp very quickly. However I made a mistake today on my test server and I have no idea how to fix it w/o a drive wipe/OS reinstall. I am sure that someone will have a fairly simple answer...

So basically I installed phpMyAdmin to work on MySQL. I then proceeded to accidentally delete all root users from MySQL when configuring priveledges for them (I was trying to set a password for root after initial installation but instead dumped all root users). At this point I couldn't log into MySQL so I figured I needed to reinstall.

After some Google searching, I found that I should type dpkg --purge mysql-server (supposedly). So I did. Then I reinstalled MySQL server (after a quick su) using 'apt-get install mysql-server'.

I still cannot get into MySQL through phpMyAdmin using user=root, pass=<blank>.

Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated! Help me un-Windows my mind!