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    Question we have a problem with our linux server/memory/swap

    Hi friends
    plz help us fast
    plz see:

    This picture show memory used and reminder and etc... in our VBulltein forum server.
    in whm , free memory is about 75%
    but this graph and top d 5 command in shell , show free memory maximum 50MB !
    Beforehand this, we had 2GB ram and we had this problem ; But we now have 4GB ram and we have that problem again!
    It's wonderfull for us that swap not use at all ! and our server is not fast !
    1-Has linux special options for use or not use swap?
    How we active that?
    2-What's our problem, Do you think?

    with best regards...

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    Linux is designed to make use of most of the unused physical memory available in the form of cache. Therefore, you'll always see a small amount for free memory regardless of how much you have. Your chart shows this by the 'orange' section.

    How did you check swapfile usage? Did you use vmstat and check the 'swap so' column? Is it (almost) always zero?

    Maybe CPU is the bottleneck. When you run 'top' how many process are usually 'running'? The higher the number the more likely it's the CPU.

    If it's not CPU then it could be disk or network? Do you have sar & iostat installed to check these?


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    As already stated, most of your memory usage is in the form of cached memory (see the orange section of your plot). This is normal, and is nothing to worry about. Look at the output of "free -m" to see how much memory is being used after subtraction of the cache.
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    We had a new problem !
    Please see this diagram :

    The "committed" had gone up !!
    1-What's this "committed"?
    2-Why it had gone up?
    Thank you...

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    No one knows what's that commited and why had gone up?

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