User accidentally deleted a public email folder created in Cyrus. I suppose this means the folder isn't associated with any user, but Cyrus. In any case this type of folder is shared to the entire company. Little did I realize that by giving users the ability to create sub-folders, I also gave them permission to delete the mother folder completely!!!

Anyway a user has deleted a public folder.

We have a recent back up and have extracted it.

I followed many procedures, most of them involving a cyrus "reconstruct" command. The general "trival" procedure as some have called it, involves creating a new folder in a user's email, copying the numbered email files (NNN.) from the backups directly into this folder, then running a reconstruct -r with cyrus.

The reconstruct seems to go OK, I see it list the new folder with the restored email files. However, when complete, I go to the folder and it is still empty.

Anyone have any ideas why they're not showing up?

Thanks for any help.