We need help to provide us, the best way to build an ISP Hot Spot Infrastructure.

We got 4 networks here, 1) Wireless network (transmitters, wifi devices) (clients are connecting through the wireless network; each customer has a cpe or a wireless device)

2) Internal network. 3) External network. 4) DMZ network.

There are 15 servers already ready for set up.

What is the best server applications that should be installed on each server, to make the best out of the Hot Spot ISP i'm about to set up here.
For each server step by step procedure, i will need the needed specifications for it to work properly. 14 of them already got Fedora Core 4, and 1 has got windows server 2003.

I would appreciate it if i can get step by step procedures installations on each server.

The servers we got here are all IBM eserver xSeries 336. 3 of them have got 4network interfaces. all the others have got 2 network interfaces.

thanks to you all, and for this great website.