Hi there!

I'm on the way to set up a few small office servers (nat, firewall, mail, samba). I guess this is quite a simple thing for most *n?x gurus, but it's my first time.

I'm done with the firewall, nat and samba. Now onto mail, and a backup solution. I need to backup onto external hard drive(s). Amanda seems overkill to me since I'm only backing up my local server, and I don't get my head around making it work onto disk properly, instead of keeping asking for a tape drive.

I've tried with postfixvirtual.com's setup, but it keeps rejecting my logins.

Am I right to get away from amanda and to use postfix + courier + sasl + mysql?

I wonder if anyone has seen some guide about this kind of set up?

Thanks everyone!
Chris Hoeppner
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