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    Setting up mail server on FC!!!

    Hello alll....i've been trying to setup a mail server on my machine running FC6, actually we have a group of around 25 ppl in the R&D section of the company, the existing mail server is on a machine running RedHat 7.3...i was asked to upgrade it so that it wud work on i know that FC6 comes with sendmail which can be used to setup a mail server......

    1st question : should i go on with sendmail, or is there any better way of setting a mail server??

    2nd question: if i choose to go with sendmail (which is what i've been banging my head with for the past few days ), how can i actually get the server up and running so that the server can do the following : 1. the mails for my group of 25 could be routed locally
    2. the mails outside my group could be handled by the mail server located in the copany's head office.

    i was told that in order to have the server up and running,using sendmail, i would require to setup a DNS server that so??? even for mails within my group of 25??

    the DNS server has been the biggest problem...i've tried using BIND, but the zone files a lil' tough to handle, so i've given up hope......

    anyway, if the DNS is necessary, can someone please tell me how to setup a DNS server??? so that, i can move to working with Sendmail, for the mail server..

    this thing has left me drained after the last few days, and i would really appreciate it if some kind soul could step up and help me!!

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    while sendmail is good, its very easy to configure wrong, making it vulnerable. Postfix is easily configured and easy to work with.

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