ive been trying to get some dot matrix printers running on RedHat Enterprise Linux v3.0. The printing system is CUPS (cups-1.1.17-13.3.6). These printers just need plain-text dumped to them and they are running off of LPD printer servers. I know that the printer servers and printers must be configured correctly because the online system (OSF-Unix using LPR) also uses them and it works fine. After looking through the documents it looks like this should be pretty straight forward. Here are the steps i followed:
1) add printer as as type LPD (setup LPD server and printer queue)
2) driver is 'Text Only'
3) Options are set to 'Send FF', and 'Send EOT'.

When i go to print (even a small 2 line document) it will print about 30 pages of crap before printing the 2 lines that i want. The 30 pages of junk are full of lines of characters (no ctrl chars). Id like to eliminate those 30 pages of garbage before Greenpeace sends a representative over and shuts me down. <grin>

Im confident that i cant be the only person still using old dot matrix plain text printers. I would really appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.

Thanks in advance