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    Hello ma friends .. please read this and help me if u can .. im a LINUX NEWIBE ^^

    i have an HP server with fedora core 6 on it .. i have installed all programs like apache, php5 , mysql and ETC

    my website is running great .. but the problem is that my website does not SHOW the Arabic language . .. its shows weird characters instead of arabic letters .. but when i do encode to arabic-iso in my IE7 or something like that it works fine .. how can i make it like default or something like that .. so everyone who enters my websites automaticly sees the arabic lang without the need to Encode it .. im really stuck here ! i tried lots of things that didnt work........ so HELP please :S
    thanks to all


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    The actual language delivered is negotiated between your browser and the server; your browser sends its preferences and the server decides which version or language to send based on your preferences, and what versions of the document are available.

    In IE go to Tools or View or Extras -> Internet Options -> (General) Languages to change it for your specific browser so I am not sure if this will implement it system wide. Id try searching to see if you can find something. I'll do the same and if I find something I will let you know


    You can also try issuing this command from your webservers terminal because it changed all my default languages


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    well first of all thx

    and just to give u more info .. i did put in my PHP pages in the meta tags the right encoding charset which is windows-1256 .. i want ANY USER who enters my website to view my pages like they should be .. not only me .. so i dont think its something that got to do with my IE .. its something maybe with the webserver ( apache ) .. i really dunno


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