I'm mostly a newbie to Linux (aside from saving my machine from imminent death by switching from XP to Debian Etch before it failed), and am looking to expand my knowledge base.

The college that I am now is notoriously nosy when it comes to internet usage, so I would like to create an ssh tunnel to my box at home because I am big on privacy. Just for kicks, though, I would like to also use this machine as a file server for the house, and I would like to keep the machine's power consumption lower.

I was thinking about using Devil-Linux, but I can't find out if I can install that onto the hard drive to run (or if I even need to do that for my purposes).
Can anyone suggest a lightweight distro that would meet my ssh/Samba needs, and not be a hassle to set up?

For reference, the machine currently runs Debian Etch, has 2 GB of RAM, a 60 GB hard drive, a Radeon (X800/X1300, I can't remember) and I believe a 2.0 GHz processor (I realize that it isn't necessary to go as lightweight as Devil-Linux or even DSL, but i'd like to go as small as I can because... I want to).