Hello everybody, im working on a Fedora core 6 machine, processor is Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, RAM 512 Mb...

I'm part of the R&D division of the company, and we are a group of around 30 ppl....I've set up the following services on my machine for our group:

1. Mail server using sendmail. I'm also using Dovecot for the IMAP,POP3 services. Actually our company mail server is located in a different city (the head office) , so all the company mails come to that server and we simply use fetchmail to get mail to our local network. Most of the people use Outlook for checking their mails. While sending mails, there is no communication with the other mail server (obviously) and the mails directly go through the local mail server on my machine. I've used MIMEDefang filter, Spam assassin and clam anti-virus for a complete secure mail service.

2. I've used the apache that come with FC6 to setup a web server which hosts the R&D website (only on the lan, not the internet) and we've also used the server for the Squirrelmail (Webmail) service on the local network.

3. I'm using VSFTP (the one that comes with FC6) to setup a local data server. The amount of data is not huge, but yeah we are still thinking of giving lots of space to each user, for future requirements (if they may arise)

Now, I want to know how can i run this server without major issues creeping in. I know that i need more RAM, i'll probably get a 1 GB RAM in a few days. I'm just a little worried about the load on the machine considering 3 major services are being hosted. I've modified the init service so only the necessary services start on Boot time. Plus, this machine being used as a server will need to be running most of the time. Will that put too much stress on the machine?

What other steps do i need to take to ensure that the machine runs smoothly and the services are not hampered? It is a company decision to put all 3 services (mail, web , ftp) on the same machine, since our local network is a small one. Although, i wanted to have dedicated servers for each of the 3 services, but u cant argue much with the bosses, can you??

I'm a newbie in this area, this is not my regular job. It's more of an additional responsibility, so any help would be appreciated....