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    How do I Label Drives?

    Im running 6 drives, and will be able to label one of them because I am expanding the array very soon. How do I find out which drive is associated with each drive name, so that I can label the rest of them encase one of the drives fail?

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    am not sure about that but i think you can find out that and can change names of your drives usinfg "fstab"
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    I have a raid array, that is created... The primary 2 are easy, I think they are the 1st and 2nd of the intel ICH8 chipset. Then for some reason it appears that the on board Micron drives are 3 and 4 (based on 1 being the first), then the ICH8 are 5 and 6. The addon Rocket Raid card then follows that up with 7,8,9,10! I just dont know how to test this... If I unplug one, what will happen?

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    You can use mtool to assign new Label to any Partition.
    yum -y install mtool
    Check manual of mtool after installation.
    man mtool
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    Ok, so a drive fails... lets say the platters come loose and shoot out of the machine at 2 times the speed of sound, penetrates the wall and kills the neighbors cat. Now I got to find a new hard drive to replace the old. The problem is, that the drive is exactly the same condition as the others (I know its amazing!), and I don't know which drive to remove and replace with the new.

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