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    Send System Mail to an external SMTP server

    All of my alias's are set up to delivery program messages (errors, system warnings, etc) to root /var/mail/root. Yet I am not on this machine to check this. I have a regular yahoo mail, which also receives mail from a road runner account. I want to send my mail Root mail to my Road Runner SMTP with my own yahoo account as the recipient.

    I figured send mail could do that, but send mail seems to be geared as a mail system, and not for mail forwording. I have scowered the net for an easy way to do this but have really had a tough time digging through the material. Can someone set me on the right path?

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    The way we do it on our Linux systems is:

    o Edit file /etc/aliases
    o Add a line at the bottom like this:
    root: user@domian

    o Execute command: sendmail -bi or newaliases

    'man aliases' for more details.

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    I need a postfix for dumbies

    I have no idea how to do this... I tried sendmail, but the documentation and configuration is a nightmare... I just want to receive my system notifications from a yahoo mail account... why is this so hard?


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