Ok everyone,

Here's the deal. I need help installing an apache server to my ubuntu box that allows mysql and php. Now I know how to install and set up most of the things that are required. I can install apache, mysql, and php5. I somewhat know how to configure them. Now here is the problem. For some reason everyone in my town can see my website on from my server. No one else can see it. Why? Secondly, I am new to ipcop and I need to know how to configure ipcop with my server. I already have the red, green, and orange zone set. So now I need to set up the server (so anyone can see it) and I also need help configuring IPcop for the server. Can someone please help me?

Here is what I really need help with:

Which OS would be better for my file server, Fedora or Ubuntu?

How do I configure my http server so everyone else can see it?

How do I set up IPcop in conjunction with the http server?

Thanks in advance,