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    SSH to a machine behind a router

    I'm trying to set up an SSH server so I can tunnel my traffic from my Macbook Pro at college to my Debian (or any other distro, if it's more convenient) box at home. However, my linux box is behind the house's router.
    My question is, when I have to specify the address (i.e. user@ what do I use to tell my laptop that I want my specific machine, and not the router?

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    You would forward the appropriate port to your machine. Your router should have NAT or port forwarding configuration on it. By default the port is 22, but I would recommend you change that to stop automatic scripts from scanning and brute forcing you.

    Also you can set up a or account so that you can use a domain name to refer to your IP if it changes.

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    To do this, set up port forwarding on your router to forward ssh connections from the router to your Debian box, then try to ssh to your router and it will end up connecting to the Debian box.

    Most home routers support something like this, either called port forwarding or virtual hosts.

    Your server distribution doesn't really matter, just so long as sshd is installed and configured.

    Let us know how you get on,

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