i am a newbie to linux operating system.
However, i m required to start up a DNS secondary system on fedora core 1 which is my project in school.
So far, i know i have to configure the named.conf file . but that doesn't seem enough to solve my problem.
perhaps i should describe the problem i m facing:
i have a windows server 2003 Primary DNS server running and now i am suppose to set up a Secondary DNS server on Linux fedora 1.
Can someone please be a kind soul and tell me exactly what are the things that needs to be configured? and perhaps will be able to show me some examples.. i am really grateful to you guys if u can help me!! i tried searching the internet but they are all fedora core editions above fedora core 1. So can someone please help me?!? thanx!!! alternatively u can send me email at sae_Cheong89@hotmail.com =)