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    Question Grab Email from other servers on internet

    ((( Moving from another section - Maybe more server related )))

    Using Fedora 5 and/or 6

    I have various POP3 or IMAP accounts scattered accross the internet. I use my MS Outlook (which I would like to migrate to Thunderbird someday) to create several accounts trees. A couple downfalls I have of my "scattered" accounts are as follows:

    • No control over "caught" spam (can't view)
    • Poor AntiVirus engines (or none at all) provided by internet account
    • Email storage is kept on workstation(s) and not in central storage
    • Workstation AV and SPAM engines take up resources on PC
    • Some accounts have limited storage space

    Being a casual Linux Desktop user, I've of course heard wonderful things about Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV... But I will have to warn you...I'm an MS Exchange fanatic! My goal here, is to collect those POP3 or IMAP accounts (maybe 10-15), scan with a dependable Linux Spam and AV engine, then store them in a Linux mail server service, without having Outlook store them on my workstation.

    So I guess the ultimate goal here is to take my mail off the POP3/IMAP servers, and create a central storage, with SPAM and AV scanning, and use a client to connect to the email (Squirlmail, Outlook, Thunderbird)

    Can this be done with Sendmail? Postfix? QMail? Any other vairants?

    (P.S. -- I know this can be done with MS Exchange, I've done it a while ago.)

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    I think fetchmail does what you want, I'm pretty sure it'll be available in fedora 'yum install fetchmail' probably, you can give it details of all your pop3/imap accounts and it will log in, download all your mail and forward it on into the mail system on your local machine. You should be able to use this with any transport agent (postfix/sendmail/qmail etc) and if these have antispam configurations this will be filtered out before local delivery.

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    One question...

    Being that I am not too familiar with Sendmail or Postfix (or Linux Mail in any form), can I have the mail centrally stored on the server, while using a Client such as Thunderbird or Outlook, as well as using a Web Client, such as Squirlmail if traveling or at a remote sites?

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    Provided you can get web access to the server remotely this should be fine.

    I'm not sure exactly how squirrelmail works as I've not used it, but i've installed horde before and I'd imagine they're quite similar. Horde connects via imap, so i'd imagine squirrelmail will support this.

    If you can get an imap server setup then you should be able to simultaneously access this from the webmail and a desktop client like thunderbird/outlook.

    I've used dovecot before as an imap server, I remember this being fairly simple to setup and this should be available in most distributions.

    Whichever MTA (postfix/sendmail etc) you use should deliver local mail to user specific files in either mbox or Maildir format somewhere on your server (/var/spool/mail?) then dovecot can read from this, and thunderbird/squirrelmail can read from dovecot.

    BTW I'd probably have a go at postfix before sendmail, I'm not sure what postfix's antispam stuff is like but I know sendmail's a bit of a nightmare to configure.

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