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    This is a problem I've run into several times before. You seem to have found some fairly elaborate courses of action to solve your problem, and congratulations on that.

    However, if that should happen to fail, I found the source of this problem was that the slackware LILO install just assumes that the MBR is on hda. If you go to the advanced lilo install option, you should be able to specify otherwise. That may solve your original problem.

    It worked for me, anyway. Having an ATA storage harddrive and a SATA root partition for a while really gave me a lot of trouble.
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    OK this little lovely message came up!!!!!!

    Welcome to Linux (tty1)

    linus login: root
    You have mail.

    Then a quote from J. Hoover.

    Then my root login.


    Ok anyway, i had to boot from the cd in order to do that, (by using the hugesmp.s blah blah) so im wondering if there are any steps to take from here in order to make it boot from the HDD automatically.
    Any ideas?
    Also, what does ne one know of a guide to get from bash shell commands to gnome?

    thanks you guys are great...

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    well nevermind

    im begining to think linux is a little overstated.
    ive done everything under the sun to get this to work, and it just doesnt.

    read only mode by the way, so i couldnt really do anything.
    gentoo cd wont even boot............

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    Post the contents of /etc/lilo.conf file here.
    Did you try executing 'lilo' command?
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