I know this isn't your typical Slack question, but I've found I cannot edit contacts in Kontact (KAdressbook). I've looked at the KDE forums (but they didn't seem to active ), searched google (without result) for similar problems. I first thought it had to do with all my contacts being imported from Thunderbird. But the same applies to any new contacts I add from within Kontact itself.

I'm hoping this is one of those failed dependencies, cause they can be easily fixed. But I don't get any error messages. I feel like a user of some ${RANDOM}OS when I say: "I've clicked the icon a thousand times, but nothing happens". Know what I mean?

Anyone here have experience with Kontact, and/or these issues? For me to know your Slackbox doesn't have this problem is just as helpful for me at this point. To rule out any possibilities.
Anyone know how to view Kontact (or KDE) error messages from within the konsole? The GUI remains silent as to why nothing happens.