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    Open Office install, I just do not understand

    OK, so it's unzipped sitting on my desktop as a folder with all its glory shining up at me and I have no idea in hadie how to get it going. Duh! help!


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    You might have an easier time installing one of these Slackware ready packages:

    LinuxPackages: Results

    Otherwise, if it's a .bin file, here's a HowTo showing how to install it:

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    I downloaded the tar from slackware and I also have it on a cd. I just don't understand the mechanics of it. Point and click did not work.

    OK, so I did that, the terminal ran through a list of dialogue and closed. Now where is it?


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    There are several ways to install software under Slackware, the main ones being:

    pkgtool - the default software installer (with no dependency checking)

    Swaret (has dependency checking)

    Slapt-get (has dependency checking)

    Note that there are several other methods of installing software under Slack.

    Regarding OpenOffice, if it installed correctly, you might need to log out and then back in to get it to show up in the menu. I'm not certain about this because I've not run OpenOffice under Slackware in about 3 years.

    If it didn't install correctly, you can try one of the above methods for installing it.

    You can find lots of other good Slackware information here:

    Slackware Linux Essentials

    If you should have other questions, don't hesitate to post again.

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    Just grab the Slackware package from here

    Robby's Slackware Packages

    and install it with installpkg

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    I'll try it.


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    OpenOffice on Slackware

    Thanks for the referral to my site

    If you don't like pulling binary packages from various places, then you might also consider having a look at and getting the build script for OpenOffice. It takes the binary rpm's from OOo and repackages them into a proper Slackware package.
    Disclaimer: I wrote the script, and the package on my site is created with that same script.

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    OK, well here is the thing. It looks installed, and there are little files all over the drive but nothing appears on reboot and I can't find anything that opens up the program. I must be missing something, or my download is corrupt. It takes 7 hours to download on dialup.


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    Have you tried <whereis soffice>?

    soffice launches OOo, as does typing openoffice.org2.2

    At least on my machine...the rpm build puts it somewhere else I believe. The whereis command should point you in the right direction...

    The binaries of OOo are not named really intuitively.
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    I installed OO on 10.2 with the RPMs and remember it was installed to /opt I believe. The path to the executable was something like /opt/openoffice/program/soffice/soffice or something like that.

    This time around I just installed it easily enough with CruxPorts4Slack. Install it, then run:
    ports -u
    When it finishes, do:
    cd /usr/ports/opt/openoffice && pkgmk -d -i
    soffice -writer
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