Hi guys, recently I've download Slackware 12.0. But I cant meke it work!!!

I follow all the steps of: SpeedTouchConf - Home and doesnt work!!!!
I attach some files for you. PLEASE help ME!!!!.
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A few things to syy:
1- Here in Argentina I use Speedy ADSL wich is PPPoE ( not PPPoA ).
2- my VPI/VCI are well configured 8.35
3- I only can use rev4fw.zip that firmware, otherwise gives me the erros 240 and 235.
4- when I do ./speedtouchconf.sh goes well: when says that the lights gonna flash for 60 seconds
only my right LED flash, and after that when I shall see some messages about IP address, the things change for me...

The result when I reboot the system and the modem is connected the system starts to load the kernel, but in the end begins to try to connect and fails every time.


P.D.: or I shall use GPL Speedtouch USB driver homepage driver?