During my install I chose to install modem (for hylafax) and it will not stay installed. The modem is a serial USR v92 modem that works fine on Slak 12 as well on Slak 11. BUT, whenever I boot Slak 12 up I have to rerun pkgtool every time and choose to run the modem setup script (90.modem-device) again. Once doing that minicom and HylaFax find the modem just fine and I am able to dial out, etc... Until a reboot, then I do it all over again... /dev/modem just disappears. The modem is on ttyS0 when it is installed.

During install I chose the defaults and full install for everything w/ default kernel, etc. Any idea's on how to make the modem stick?

Hey PAT, it would be nice for hylafax to be a pkg to choose for install.