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    Question Problem with Shutdown.

    Hello ^^:

    I've upgraded to the new Slackware 12. I do a clean & full installation of Slack 12. I've recompiled the Kernel and, after that, i've installed GSlacky (the lastest version). But i have a major problem...

    In shutdown or Reboot, Always Slackware Drops the script, and umount the unit and don't reboot correctly. After umount, appears many messages indicating that the directory or the file couldn't be accessed. And, in fact, doesn't shut or reboot properly (I always have to Shutdown in "Brute Force" mode, pressing the Button Power for 10 seconds).

    These are my specs:

    Slackware 12

    Installed on a USB External Disk with dev "/dev/sda4" as root
    Kernel Customized. Version =
    Custom Initrd (This charge modules and charge the USB Disk)

    Installed on a Compaq Presario 2120LA Laptop.

    Best Wishes


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    Wink Resolved.

    I've resolved the problem . There was a line of text that de-activates the pcmcia dispositive, but i need it because the USB2.0 ports are in a PCMCIA Card.

    The code that i've removed was the next on the file /etc/rc.d/rc.0

    # Shut down PCMCIA devices:
    if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia ]; then
    . /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia stop
    # The cards might need a little extra time here to deactivate:
    /bin/sleep 5

    Well, Best Wishes to All. I hope this can be from utility to somebody


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