Im running my current monitor off of a Nvidia geoforce MX 4000 on backtrack 2 final, but I have an extra monitor and an on board Intel 82815 graphics card, and Id love to go multi considering both monitors are 15'' CRT, and 1024X768 on one of them just isnt quite enough.

My first attempt; I powered off, hooked up the second monitor, turned back on, logged in as root and did X -configure, followed by running the command to test the configuration. The second monitor came out of sleep mode, then there was simply thousands of horizontally colored bars, and my main monitor stayed black with the cursor on it.

My second attempt was to see if I could simply use the second monitor and the Intel graphics card to boot up. The monitor never even came out of sleep mode.

My question: Is it possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.