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    Installing Slack 10 from ISO Help

    I've downloaded Slackeware 10 iso and im having a prob installing.. I get to the point where it asks to change keyboard config or hit enter to keep U.S. keyboard settings... I hit enter and nothing happens. I 've downloaded 3 different cd 1 of slackware 10 and all do the same even from bit torent..It stalls here and I cant get past this point any help would be appreciated. Also I am new to linux... I am currentyl running a dual boot on a Compaq pressario 2190 Laptop it has windows xp home and suse 9.1 personal edition running on it.. I just want to try Slack since I here its the bomb Any help or comments Appreciated
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    You need to choose a number from the list(the us kb is usualy '1')...If you just hit enter then you just get the rest of the possabilities and you will be going in circles till doomsday
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    I've tried to type 1 and hit enter at that point but will not accept anything here. Its like it locks up. I end up just restarting pc. I dont know should I try an earlier version of slack? If I do can I just upgrade to 10 or do I have to do a fresh install of 10?
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