This is just irritating now. When attempting to install the color d@ta base guile tells me that make-slib-color-name-db is an unbound variable

I have a sim link to /usr/lib/slib in the /usr/share/guile/site/ directory
I have created the slibcat already.

here is what I do:

guile -l /usr/lib/slib/guile.init
guile> (require 'color-names)
guile> (make-slib-color-name-db)

In standard input:
   3: 0* (make-slib-color-name-db)

standard input:3:1: In expression (make-slib-color-name-db):
standard input:3:1: Unbound variable: make-slib-color-name-db
ABORT: (unbound-variable)
Do I really need to create a color d@ta base or should I just ignore this?
What are the benifits of completing this step?

damn popups

The only thing that I use slib for is gnucash