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    Question installing slackware 12 directly from an iso file?

    it's for an old machine & it doesn't have a dvd in it. i downloaded the iso file & mounted it over the network through a live knoppix cd. is there a way to start the installer with this method or do i have to actually create slackware boot disks to use this install method? any thoughts? where is setup.exe or autorun.exe or something... haha


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    tried from slackware cd 1...

    since my 1st post i tried to boot to slackware disc 1 and mount the share with the dvd iso file from that.
    by the time the installer asks for the source point it doesn't support smbfs when i log in with ctrl-alt-f2 to mount the file. any ideas how to mount the dvd iso file from a windows share during install?

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    do search for "install from iso" on google, it can be done, but why don't you just make it into a cd and install it from that?

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    problem is...

    the machine i'm installing doesn't have a dvd in it and once it's installed the source point will be the dvd iso so i should be able to do that through the install as i have in the past with machines without cd-roms. i used the 3 floppies which don't seem to be included any longer. it will be a lot faster and easier to install on these old machines i have if i can do it with out 3 cds or installing a dvd-rom in each machine.

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    You need to read up on your issue. I recommend that you visit this page:

    Human Readable - Installing Slackware Without a CD Drive

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    The below answer on how to install from ISO is right from the Slackware site.
    Also, in order for the "INSTALL" to work you first need to boot up using one of the three kernels - hugh.s, hughsmp.s or speakup.s.
    I installed Grub4Dos, which can be installed in the root of a Windows partition.
    then I had grub directed to one of the hugh kernels above. Okay I used this site as a base
    to install from all the slackware iso files on a fat partition. Read it through a couple
    of times and see if it makes any sense:
    Install GNU/Linux without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media

    ====Using ISO and loopback method, from Slackware web site======
    Just extract the iso somewhere and put the kernels
    Q: How do I install from the ISO9660 image if I don't have a CD-R or CD-RW drive (or "I have no way to burn this image that I just downloaded.")?

    With loopback of course! You can mount the ISO9660 image on the kernel loopback device from another filesystem.

    For example, say you download the ISO9660 image under Windows. Boot the Slackware boot and root disks for your system. Assuming your Windows partition is /dev/hda1 and you downloaded the ISO9660 image to C:, issue these commands:

    mkdir -p /dos
    mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /dos
    cd /dos
    mknod /dev/loop0 b 7 0
    mkdir /INSTALL
    mount -o loop /dos/install.iso /INSTALL

    You can then tell the Slackware setup program to install from a premounted directory and pass it /INSTALL/slakware. This trick can also be used if you cannot make a valid CD with your burner.

    Have fun!

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