I have a very strange issue on my Slackware 12.0.0 system on an x86 laptop; sometimes (perhaps half of the time, or more) when I execute an application through WINE the display will turn black! I have attempted to execute it through strace -o dump.log wine [application] and study the dump.log file to no avail, I have attempted to look at various log files for any errors, also to no avail.

The display turns black, but the computer does not turn itself off, however the ctrl+alt+backspace does not reset the X-server (maybe it does, but the display is still dark).

Has anyone else encountered this strange issue? What causes it and how can I fix it?

This only happens with WINE, my system has no other known issues besides from this. I'm not lacking RAM and the system is not overheated at all (in fact it is rather cool).