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    man does'nt work!!

    Hi, I am using slackware / Backtrack2 in a vmware image.
    When I am trying to use man I get followin error
    -bash: man: command not found
    However man lives in /usr/bin
    bt ~ # cd /usr/bin
    bt bin # ls man
    bt bin #
    /usr/bin is in the PATH variabel
    bt ~ # echo $PATH

    when I use the command
    bt bin # /usr/bin/man/man
    What manual page do you want?
    bt bin # /usr/bin/man/man ls
    No manual entry for ls
    bt bin #
    this is the same for every command I try to check.

    bt bin # echo $MANPATH
    bt bin #

    bt bin # whereis man
    man: /usr/bin/man /usr/lib/man.conf /usr/local/man /usr/share/man
    bt bin #

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    There are two parts to man: one is the man command, which is in /usr/bin. The other is the files that actually contain the information, which are usually in usr/share/man. This should contain subdirectories called man1, man2...mann, and they should contain files with names like "subject.n.gz". Have you checked that you have these files?
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